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Forum Rules and Terms of Use
Nice to welcome you to the forum.
Live Escape Game Forum is a communication and discussion platform for Live Adventure and Escape Games as well as all associated tpoics.
In sense of all community members we expect to take note and acceptance of the following terms and rules to ensure a climate of pleasure.

1 - Netiquette
  • Get in contact and discuss with other members with the same respect you expect yourself.
  • Be polite and do not use slang language, dialects, neither displeasing nor any kind of indignity.
  • Because of multilingual members in the International section of this forum, consider using simple English for communication, please.

2 - Forum Order
  • Keep the structure of the forums and choose the right categorie for your topics.
  • Do not unsettle or abstract a topic, so all members can rely on thread titles. Titles should be choosen wise and meaningful.
  • Mind case sensitivity, grammar and punctuation in your posts, so all member can interprete your text without difficulty.
  • Reflect using the quote function is really necessary. A direct answer to the last post does not require quoting.
  • Your signature is intended to be used for a brief individualisation of your person or account. Do not use colourful text or big fonts and images. Any importunate content is not allowed.

3 - No Spam
  • Keep the forums clear and free from double posts or useless threads.
  • Search the forum to find existing topics before starting a new discussion.
  • You can edit your last posts to not create follow-up posts or update the thread view unnecessarily.

4 - No Advertising
  • Do not put commercial advertising for websites or online shops for profit purpose. Do not promote your own website, service or products when it is not adequate, neither appropriate nor reasonable. Junkposts will be edited or deleted without comment.

Administrators and Moderators supervise forum and member activities and will intervent in case of abuse. Breaching of rules may issue a caution or end up in an account ban at last.

Using this forums, you agree to these terms and rules for an enjoyable pleasure of all members in the community.

Thank you and enjoy the
Live Escape Game Forum
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