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Normale Version: Final Escape (Berlin) - The Gallerist
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Zitat:A few years ago, the art scene was in a furore when one of the four original versions of a great masterpiece was stolen from the Norwegian National Gallery in Oslo. The oil painting is still missing and all around the globe, art robbery gangs have casted an eye at it. You, too, want to get your hands on the piece before it is in the custody of the authorities.

You have received a hot tip from your contact in the police that the latest investigation leads to a man who runs a gallery in Berlin. He is said to have been involved in the theft at the time and may still be hiding the artwork on his premises. You have observed the gallerist for long enough to know that he always takes an hour’s lunch break in a nearby bistro.

This is your chance! Quietly you enter the gallery, but then things don’t go as planned: it seems that the security system has locked the doors behind you and activated the alarm. You won’t escape from here so easily. There must be another way out of this gallery… find the painting and get out of here!

I made a video review for the room. Smile